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Casino Royale Vegas: You Own Casino Paradise for Great Gambling and Rest

Casino Royale Vegas: your best gamble in the greatest comfort

Built almost in the heart of the great Las Vegas near the Caesar’s Palace and the Venetian, famous Casino Royale shares unforgettable gaming and resting experience. The resort is surrounded with the famous landmarks, known for its convenient low table minimums and also provides hotel accommodation, delicious dining and plenty of extra entertaining events.

Reasons to visit best western Casino Royale Las Vegas

Casino Royale combines the splendid casino indoor facilities with multiple casino games and awesome offers for great rest and entertainment. These include:

  • newly remodeled and fully equipped Las Vegas accommodations right on the Las Vegas Strip for very affordable prices;
  • the casino striving for recycling and green initiatives;
  • the players club for extra promotions;
  • multiple special offers for vacations, holidays, group stay;
  • a huge variety of famous places around such as concert venues, cabarets, theme parks and unique attractions;
  • the detailed and organized website with all the information about the events, promotions, nearby landmarks and so on; the registration is also available at the website;
  • all the popular casino games represented on the floor.

The resort is the unbelievable opportunity for such a reasonable price, so you will not regret visiting.

Types of Casino Royale Vegas games

The casino itself offer various games from slot machines to poker, so that anyone could find something to enjoy. It has:

  1. many classic old school slots from 1 cent to 5 dollars;
  2. the great variety of latest video slot machines with pop culture themes, some of which are unique for Casino Royale Vegas;
  3. video poker;
  4. famous table games such as versions of blackjack, progressive three card poker, craps, blackjack switch bonus and American roulette;

The casino games range is constantly updated, so that every visitor could enjoy the game.

The favorite slot games of Casino Royale Las Vegas

Casino Royale fully matches its location and atmosphere. For the most fun, the resort offers its players incredible and unique video slot machines that are based on pop culture themes and wear world famous names. The most popular slots are:

  1. Superman;
  2. Tarzan;
  3. Ghost Busters;
  4. The Mummy;
  5. The Dark Knight;
  6. Michael Jackson – King of Pop;
  7. Sex in the City;
  8. Lord of the Rings;
  9. Star Wars – Droid Hunt;
  10. Survivor;
  11. American Idol;
  12. Wizard of Oz;
  13. The Hangover.

And there are even more of them. The pop culture theme really became the specialty of the Best Western Plus Casino and attracts hundreds of fans from all over the world every year.

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